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Meet Pepper!

Dental and Orthodontic Humanoid Robot Receptionists for the ultimate patient experience

  • Customized appointment check in software. As you arrive at the office, Pepper will greet you, and ask if you’d like to check in, Once you say yes, Pepper will ask you to place your DOB on her tablet, which will alert the office that you have arrived. If the office uses Dolphin management, it will put the patient right into reception.
  • Unique office based story telling. Pepper has the ability to tell stories about the office and its staff while showing picture and video’s on her tablet.
  • Pepper dances. She has a couple of fun dances that will delight and entertain your patients.
  • Answers up to 100 questions. Pepper comes with a data base of questions she can answer, but you will also be able to create your own set of questions and answers customized to your liking.
  • We have options for leasing or buying a customized Pepper.